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Stress On The Body: How It Really Affects You

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Stress On The Body: How To Deal With ItWe all get stressed from time-to-time, however how do you deal with it and what are your warning signs? Do you get that anxious feeling deep in your stomach, do your eating habits slip, or do you find yourself unable to engage in everyday conversations because your mind is skipping to your next task?

These may be subtle signs that we pick up on, however there are many signs that we don’t notice which are having a damaging affect on our bodies. This infographic provides some revealing insights into the damage stress causes our bodies and exactly how it works against us, slowing our cognitive functioning down.

If you find yourself slipping into continuous highly-stressed state – listen to your body, it’s telling you to take care of yourself and slow down. While the demands of a stressful job or home life may not always be easily avoided, there are some very easy things you can incorporate into your everyday life to help you cope a little better.

1)    Meditate. There is a reason this practice is constantly preached – because it really works. While sitting still and letting your thoughts calmly flow past you may feel counter-productive when you have what seems like a to-do-list that would rival a small army. Running around in a panicked stressed out state only hinders your ability to think clearly, whereas meditation provides clarity and helps drown out the unproductive thoughts streaming through your mind.

2)    Exercise. One of the best and easiest ways to release stress is to build up a sweat and hit the pavement, treadmill, yoga mat or whatever your weapon of choice is. Not only does it give your mind something else to think of, it puts it through its paces and increases the release of that all important serotonin (the happy hormone!).

3)     Tune into your brain waves. Unless you’ve been living in the remote wilderness your entire life with no interaction with the outside world, you’ve probably experienced the calming effects of music! The ability for it to shift your mood as the beat takes you on a journey is a magical sensation that is incredibly easy to achieve. However, next time your heart racing, why not try listening to binaural beats, specially engineered sounds that are scientifically proven to affect your brain wave, helping you to achieve deeper meditation or to relax?

These are just three very simple ways to give your body some much needed respite when you feel your stress levels rising. What do you do to relieve the stress during these times? If you’re interested in trying binaural beats, download your free track here!

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